MEQUE13 Wines

We have the objective of attracting a renewed audience to the exciting world of wine.

With this objective, MEQUE13, wines with Appellation of Origin Castilla la Mancha, are our main bet.

Balanced and fruity wines, easy to drink and bottled with a casual image.

meque13 wines
meque13 wines

Best wine from La Mancha at Mundus Vini 2023



Meque13 Joven

Meque13 Crianza

In our opinion, wine should taste like wine and not like wood. Therefore, our main concern is not to lose originality with aging.

A light aging of 6 months in oak barrels preserves all the qualities of the wine.

Meque13 Blanco

Our white wine is young and aromatic.

It is ideal to enjoy on any occasion.

Made with Airen grapes, it offers citrus and floral notes in the mouth.

You will discover that there is life in Spain beyond Verdejo grapes... And a lot of it!

Meque13 Reserva

There is no doubt: It is the jewel of the Crown.

Awarded the Gold Medal at Mundus Vini 2023 and Extraordinary Award for the best in its category (Wines with Apelation of Origin Castilla la Mancha).

The temptation of the real "winelover".

The favorite one of Asian markets, lovers of wines without aging.

Gold Medal in Asia Wine Trophy 2023, the largest wine competition on the Asian continent, where more than 4,300 wines compete annually.


We know that we can't please everyone (...or can we?)

When we conceived the MEQUE13 line we were aware that our image might not be liked by the most orthodox wine consumers. But we moved forward, seeking to tune in with a renewed audience.

Prejudging by appearances can entail the risk of not knowing wines from La Mancha that are earning the recognition of the most prestigious and demanding international juries.

The prize that will always make us feel most proud will be to please our customers.

Although we are not going to deny that the Extraordinary Award for Best Wine of La Mancha, obtained at Mundus Vini 2023, with Meque13 Reserva, is a special satisfaction for us.

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